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Rex K – Folsom, CA

Haven’t had any work done by them, but that’s why I’m writing this review!

Dealership said that I needed more than $1000 of work done to my manual transmission, which didn’t seem right to me as nothing seemed out of the ordinary.

Took it to Clutch Mart for a second opinion.  They drove the car [2 people] and confirmed my feeling that the dealership was full of it and didn’t charge me a thing!  Nice guys too.  Estimate that they provided prior to seeing the car (within hours, even though I submitted the online request very late in the day) was much cheaper than the dealer’s estimate, even though they were writing up the price to do a more thorough job [including flywheel replacement per manufacturer’s TSB].

GeoMetro L – Carmichael, CA

This is the second time I have used Clutch Mart to replace a clutch in a car of mine.  First time was around 1995 when they had a shop on Madison Ave.  They did a great job at a great price back then and now they did it again. 😀

I called around to a few places and only one other was close to their price but the warranty on labor and parts was much, much better at Clutch Mart.  All other places only gave 12 months on labor and 12 months on parts basically.  Clutch Mart is life time on parts and two years on labor!!!  That combined with a wonderful previous experience with them meant it was a no brainer.

Mike fielded several calls from me asking various questions and was always happy to answer all of them.  He even figured out exactly what was wrong from my description I gave him over the phone and it was confirmed once they opened up the clutch.

Another gentleman helped me when I came to pick my car up.  I am so sorry I wish I could remember his name but he was every bit as friendly and helpful as Mike was.

I have a few other minor problems with my car that once my finances allow or if they become more than minor I will definitely be going back to them. 😀

 T V – Rancho Cordova, CA

Mike and the mechanics got my truck repaired and back out the same day. Wow. I used them ten years and 150K miles ago on this same truck so, I should be good for another 150K. I would recommend them to anyone.

Very Happy! Thanks guys

Alex O – Novato, CA

Great friendly service. They gave me a free diagnostic and pointed me in the right direction to fix my car. Very happy.

Matt – Sacramento

So…I was towed to the dodge dealership…where they quoted me 2k…just to fix the transmission.

I took it to Frank at clutch mart and for half the price they replaced the clutch, fixed the transmission, performed maintenance, and replaced my water pump. It was the best decision I ever made.

Edgar S – Antelope, CA

Due to my modest driving…not, I needed to get my clutch replaced sooner than anticipated. Calling around I was given pretty high estimates and a few shops after giving me a quote referred Clutch Mart to me. If competitors recommend them I decided to give it a shot. Frank worked with me even though I purchased my parts elsewhere, all though no warranty on the parts I supplied most shops wouldn’t do the work unless they sold you the parts. When I dropped off my car Frank was very nice and I felt could be trusted and wasn’t going to take me for a ride.

They did the work promptly and got it back to me when he said. Very happy to go back and recommend people who need work done on the car. Another note I had a speed sensor problem afterwards and when I went back Frank took to the time to take a look and luckily for me it was just a loose wire, no charge. As I was waiting to get the keys there was another person picking up their car and I overheard Frank’s generosity of doing a favor for no cost to that person. Great company and great owner hard to find in the car service world.

FYI My navigation didn’t get me to the shop, but look for the IHOP they are next to.

Mike C – Auburn, CA

These guys ROCK! This is how a business should be run. Lot’s of communication, letting me know that my clutch might not need to be replaced and letting me decide. After deciding on getting it replaced, 3 hours later letting me know that my car was ready. Showing me the old parts… and now my car is like new. These guys do it right!

Have them do your clutch you won’t be sorry. They have a great attitude and business ethic!

Cyndi H – Sacramento, CA

What an amazing experience. These guys are fantastic, friendly, professional and provide fast, excellent service. I have never had an experience as this before. Keep up the good work Frank and Dan. I am out the door to bring them warm fresh homemade cookies. I am one satisfied customer. Thanks Cyndi

B K – Elk Grove, CA

I haven’t stopped speaking about this business since I took my car into their shop on Arden a couple weeks ago.  My clutch pedal was mushy and had no resistance until it was pressed almost to the floor.  I don’t know the first thing about cars, but was prepared to have to replace the clutch and/or transmission.  I told Frank at the front desk what my problem was and he grabbed a can of fluid and followed me out to my car.  He looked at the engine and asked me to pump the clutch several times while he applied some of the fluid.

The clutch gradually returned to normal, and he told me that the fluid level was low and that there was air in the system and that while it was temporarily fixed, I should keep an eye on fluid levels and that if the pedal went bad again soon, it would mean a leak in the system.  I thanked him and asked what his service would cost.  He wouldn’t take any money and said it was free since he really didn’t do anything. I was pleasantly shocked.  If I had taken my car into the dealership, they would have taken my car for the day and charged at least labor, if not for a total replacement of the system.  I can’t say enough about the professionalism, honesty and integrity of this business and won’t stop speaking about them until everyone I know knows this is a business they can rely on!

Bryan B – Sacramento, CA

Friendly and HONEST service. I was looking around town for my clutch in my Nissan Sentra to be replaced, and the cheapest I could find was around $700. I called ahead over the phone and the quote was around $490. When I brought it in, Frank at the front desk helped me. He treated me respectfully right away and once I had described the clutch slipping, he immediately knew it just needed to be adjusted based on what type of car it was, NOT replaced. He took the car into the shop and in 5 minutes, the adjustments were done and the clutch felt brand new. This car had 180,000 miles on it with the clutch replaced at 150,000 (which is why I was surprised the gears were already slipping). I offered him $50 but he refused to take it. Multiple other places would have charged me over $500 to replace it.

I would recommend this business to anyone that is having doubts about their clutch or other car issues, Frank and his team are very knowledgeable, and will diagnose the problem accurately, honestly, and quickly!!!!

Michael P – Sacramento, CA

At 61 it is especially nice to find a business that “walks the talk.”  The manager, Frank, took a look at my truck and within hours had called me with an estimate. I gave the go ahead and got a call the next day that my rear differential had been rebuilt, all the way out to the wheel bearings. When I picked up my F-150 the guys went over the damaged parts, and even told that my brakes will need attention in the near future (cracking pads). Am as happy as a black bear with his hand in the honey jar.  BTW, I’m taking my jeep in tomorrow to have them check it out BEFORE the diffs. go bad….

Joy P – Sacramento, CA

Frank, the manager, is as honorable as they come!

I agree with all the good reviews I’ve read: honest, low prices, timely and very professional!  As a woman, I can’t speak highly enough of the integrity and customer service I received here!

I took my 4-Runner in for a new clutch as recommended to me by the AAA tow service. They had the lowest price, and I greatly appreciated Frank’s explanation of what the vehicle would feel like when a clutch goes bad.  Frank provided me photos of the parts and showed me what needed replacing.  Now here’s where the story gets interesting.  Unfortunately on the day my clutch was replaced, some distractions seemed to have resulted in some uninstalled, needed bolts.  Unfortunately, that mistake resulted in a header pipe breaking.  Clutch Mart doesn’t do this work, so Frank drove my truck to the Import Repair Center from his shop for me. (Amazing customer service!)

Cost to repair the header pipe: $248.10.  When Frank was told by the muffler shop about the mishap, Frank without batting an eye, took FULL RESPONSIBILITY for the mishap and paid for the ENTIRE BILL!  Now the pipe that broke was an original part–a 24 year old header pipe.  I was willing to pay half due to the age, but with Frank’s high integrity, he insisted on paying for the entire repair.

So incredibly refreshing to see this kind of integrity and honesty in a business today.  I can’t highly recommend this shop enough!  Ladies, definitely go here!  As a female you can fully trust what is quoted to you, while knowing that you are in honest, capable hands.  I know that one mistake doesn’t define a shop, so don’t look at the mishap as a negative.  Stuff happens.  It’s how you recover that counts!  They’ve done other work on my truck since, and I have been very happy with the results!!

Bill C – Sacramento, CA

Frank at Clutch Mart is very easy to deal with and will take the time to explain the issue with your car.  Additionally, their prices can’t be beat.

I took my 2005 Ford Focus with 70,000 miles on it to Future Ford because I had been having a difficult time getting the manual transmission into 1st, 3rd and 5th gear.  Future Ford drove it around the block and didn’t do any diagnostic work.  They called me to say that my transmission was shot and pushed me to get a new one installed at a cost of $3,100.  Because they didn’t give me any details on why they thought the transmission was ruined, I was skeptical.

I took it over to Clutch Mart for a second opinion.  Frank at Clutch Mart listened to my description of the problem and checked out the car for a few minutes.  He said the problem seemed more an issue with the linkage and quoted me an upfront price to remove the transmission to check.

When they got the transmission out, they inspected it and found that the pin in the shift linkage had been broken in two places.  It was a $125 part.  Frank also let me know that the flywheel on the clutch was down to the wear bars and wouldn’t last much more than 6 more months.  It made sense to replace the clutch while the transmission was out.

Total cost: $1,600 – or about HALF of what Future Ford had quoted me.

When I picked up my car, Frank spent a few minutes explaining what had happened and what they did to fix it.  Whatever Clutch Mart is paying Frank, it’s not enough.  He treated me with respect and I didn’t feel like the sound of the cash register was going off in his head when he saw me.  I heartily recommend Clutch Mart to anyone with a clutch or transmission issue or if they need regular maintenance.

Jeremy W – Sacramento, CA

My throw out bearing went out on my 2002 mustang. These guys where awesome. I had my car in by 8am and they got right on it. They had me out by 12pm. The mechanic Dan is a straight shooter. He quoted me over the phone. Something AAMCO refused to do. He warned me that it could also need a new fork and pinion and that it could cost another $90.00. I was not surprised by any hidden or extra fees when I went to pay. A++++++

Keep Up The Good Work

On Wednesday we called your Arden location and talked to Frank and got a quote on a new clutch for a 2003 Ford Focus. Frank said to bring it by and he would take a look at it.

My employee took her company car to the Arden location to have the clutch in her car checked out. I would like to say that Frank is an amazing, honest employee with integrity at a time when character seems to be lacking.

He informed Erika that she really didn’t need a clutch that is was fine for now and gave her signs to look for in the future. He gave her a few tips on getting it into reverse and said to call him personally if she had any questions down the road.

I would like to thank you for running a superior business and I will be telling this story everyone I encounter when the subject comes up. Keep up the good work!

Love My Mustang Again

I have a 1996 Mustang GT 4.6 V8 and I had it another shop because it was making noise and they replaced the clutch. When I got it back weeks later the exhaust was banging and clutch was making noise. When I took it back to them they wanted $300 to see if they could correct the problems.

I took it to Clutch Mart 2 years later and you had my car only 1 day and when I got in my car and pressed on the pedal it moved so smooth I couldn’t believe it. When I drove it no exhaust banging or rattle. You made my car a joy to drive again and for the same amount as the other shop that made my car a rattling banging wreck.

THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH FOR SUCH A GREAT JOB. We really love our car again because of the great job you did.


Better than Factory Clutch Parts

I am the original owner of a 1993 Toyota Camry. My vehicle had 16 miles on it when I purchased it. In October 1995 my factory installed clutch failed at 56,000 miles.

I took my vehicle to Clutch Mart for repairs. Of course, one of the questions that I asked was do you use Original Factory Parts? I was told they did not use factory parts, but use original equipment or better parts. Better yet, they guaranteed their parts for the life of ownership of my car.

Well, little did they know, I LOVE my car! It is now 12 years later and I have 273,000 miles on my car. My clutch once again failed, or so I thought. I called Clutch Mart and was told that they would happily honor the guarantee on the parts necessary to replace my clutch. As it turned out, it was just a hose that broke not the internal clutch parts.

Let’s go back to my original question to Clutch Mart…..about Original Factory Parts. Obviously, in this case Clutch Mart’s parts were far superior, giving me 4 times the mileage that the factory parts did!


Listened to Me

I don’t know much about cars and even less about transmissions. My 1996 Mustang would only go in reverse. I called a number of repair centers and no one would give me a quote. I called Clutch Mart and they gave me a quote. Not only did I get a quote, the Manager took 15 minutes and explained what the evaluation process was and what repairs might me needed after the evaluation.

The reason I went to Clutch Mart is they listened to me and answered my questions.


Clutch Experts

My 2001 VW GTI needed a new clutch. To research my options I called 10 shops. I found out that 50% of the shops I called did not want to replace the clutch on my GTI. Another 30% did not know how much it would cost to replace my clutch. One shop quoted me $1,950.

Clutch Mart quoted me $950. The best part was Clutch Mart did the repair for the exact price quoted and completed the job in one day.


Time and Knowledge

At the Sunrise Clutch Mart I spoke to Frank Folger who also was generous with his time and knowledge. I had my battered car towed to the shop after speaking with Frank. Later that day I received a phone call from Frank informing that the problem was corrected.

Come to find out they fixed the problem, test drove it for me, completely made sure it was safe and OK for me to drive and told me I could pick it up.

The kicker… I paid nothing! My only regret is that I didn’t go to you guys sooner. Not only would I have saved money I would have had the problem fixed the first time. So thank you everyone at Clutch Mart.

For as long as I have a car you will have a customer. You have my thanks, and my business!!!



Clutch Mart stands by their warranty! I had a new clutch replaced in my 1991 Toyota pick up at the Sunrise Clutch Mart about 6 years ago. I brought it in for a new clutch at the Arden Store and was unaware of any warranty.

Russell determined the clutch had been replaced by Clutch Mart and without any prompting,provided free original equipment clutch parts! I commend Clutch Mart for integrity and going the extra step. I would recommend Clutch Mart for any transmission or clutch repair


Commercial Vehicle

Automatic Transmission Replacement – Ford F-250 – total elapsed time in the shop – 28 hours – 3 year / 30,000 mile nation wide warranty – The company was amazed to have their truck back on the road making money so quickly.

Verbal Feedback

Customer Service

I wanted to thank you for your excellent customer I received on 3/8/06. Thank you very much for your services as well. I look forward to doing business with you in the future. Also I will refer all my friends and family. Have a wonderful and blessed day.


Commercial Vehicle

Same Day Clutch Service – Chevrolet S-10 Truck – Clutch System replacement / Flywheel Resurface – Truck was dropped off at 8:30AM and picked up at 3:00PM to make afternoon deliveries.

Verbal Feedback

Customer Service

The reason I am writing is to comment on the excellent customer service of your manager Frank. He was friendly, professional and made my experience there a truly positive one.

I will definitely be a repeat, repeat customer and will recommend your garage to anyone who asks and it will be not only for the excellent repair service but for the excellent personal service as well.


Saving Money

I wanted to send you a note of thanks for saving me over $300! My Saturn would not move. I took it to a repair facility and the called me at work. My Clutch needed to be replaced it would cost over $1,000 and take a week to complete the repair!

After I hung up, a co-worker came by and asked what was wrong. I told her the story and she said “call Clutch Mart”. I called and received a phone quote and brought my Saturn in the next morning. My Saturn was done at 4:00PM the same day and at the phone quote / estimate price. Thanks Clutch Mart!